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The Italian Distinction

The Italian Distinction

While it is commonly known that we are a BMW specialty shop, we are often visited by other makes and models, as we service many different European cars. Lately we seem to have been inundated with Porsches and Lamborghinis. READ MORE

The Unabridged Rendition by PSI

The Unabridged Rendition

What you see before you is quite possibly the ultimate manifestation of a “complete” BMW E46 M3. Rather than simply allowing us to make this determination for you, however, consider the inclusive scope involved with this build. READ MORE

Banner for E92 BMW M3 Farewell

Changing of The Guard

The departure of an iconic shop car is so much more to its owners and caretakers than simply “out with the old”, even if an imminent “in with the new” is looming ahead. READ MORE

Facing the Animal by PSI

Facing the Animal

Few things in life are quite as polarizing as seeing a BMW X6M suddenly appear in your field of vision – even less so one featuring several significant modifications. READ MORE

PSI Builds an E36 Chumpcar!

PSI Builds an E36 Chump Car

After hearing the name “Chumpcar” for a few years now, I was determined to figure out what exactly this was. At first, I believed it was a goofy racing series where people decorated some $500 car and and then raced it around various tracks hoping to last through an endurance event. READ MORE

Blue Detonation by PSI

Blue Denotation

The baking heat of a Florida summer can warp reality. One minute, life is plodding along at a snail’s pace, and the next, a ghostly spectre rises from the shimmering landscape, threatening to redefine all that you know. READ MORE 

AA+Akra E92 M3

Vorsteiner + Akrapovic + Active Autowerke = WIN

Sometimes, cute and cuddly just doesn’t work. Aggression and menace are the order of the day, nowhere less so than with this intimidating Jet Black BMW E92 M3 by PSI. READ MORE

Bringing out the White by PSI

Bringing Out the White

The new BMW M6 has barely cleared the docks with its thundering twin-turbo V8 and solid good looks, and already owners are eagerly beginning to modify them. READ MORE

Right the Porsche

Right the Porsche

Cayenne Turbos are really hot from the factory but our upgrades made it spicier to the touch. READ MORE

One Mean Grocery Getter

One Mean Grocery Getter

It’s no secret that some vehicles are just born with presence. It’s not something you can add or acquire later, and this imposing BMW X5M is proof. READ MORE

Project Fire V2 by PSI

Project Fire Version 2

In the heart of every M3 enthusiast is the desire to own a “special” M3, one that illustrates their love for everything BMW but also with their own unique flair and individualization.On Project Fire: Version Two, we made the car into a close GTS replica, with an edge. READ MORE

Project X by PSI

Project X

Project X came to us as a 100% stock X5 5.0xdrive with the client’s initial goal of making a faster winter time vehicle. As we delved into the performance upgrades, the X5 began to turn into more than just a sleepy winter truck and into a true all-wheel drive snow rocket. READ MORE

G-Power SK-II CS M3

E92 M3 G-Power SKII CS

When the horsepower bug calls, PSI answers with the latest and greatest out of Germany.  This G-Power SK-II M3 build began life as a 100% stock M3 putting down 340 whp on the Dyno.  Once this M3 project was finished we acheived over 500 rwhp easily with the G-Power SK II CS Kit and additional modifications. READ MORE


Project Matte by PSI

Project 1M

E30 M3 Matte DTM

918 Spyder

Project ABE*

Project Fire

Queen of Clubs


Dark Knight

The Phoenix

PSI Project M3

PSI 2008 G-Power M5



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