2002 M3 AA Renegade

In April 2009 we began working with Active Autowerke to develop a S/C kit capable of pushing the S54 to over 500 wheel horsepower. 

Once the larger crank pulley was added, it was evident early on that a new fuel system was needed to make up for the extra boost.  An inline Fuel pump, larger injectors and adjustable fuel pressure regulator was added and larger -6 fuel lines were plummed from the fuel tank.  A larger intercooler was added as well for good measure.  We also added the new scoop intake system to achieve the 12psi needed for over 500 hp.

After tuning the car, we achieved over 505 wheel hp on a Mustang Dyno, and this kit came to be as the Renegade kit or HKS Stage 2 w/ fuel upgrade.

 PSI M3 Renegade

PSI Renegade M3 IC

PSI Renegade Motor

PSI Renegade Rear

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